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Play 4 Kids:

With the Play 4 Kids, Yes Theatre offers Hebronites the unique opportunity to enjoy theatre, be encouraged to take a different view on daily life and to be inspired to build their own future.

In Play 4 Kids, Yes Theatre creates a play with a social message, which is performed for school students by professional actors. The selection of the theme is based on the daily life of Palestinian children. They are themes relevant to the community or are based on (or inspired by) contemporary or traditional sources of Palestinian or Arab cultural heritage or literature. Themes come easily because we live in a society so full of bizarre and often unbearable problems. After several rehearsals, a play tour is carried out for school students who come to YT location by buses in order to attend the performances. At the end of each performance a small workshop is conducted with school students with a discussion about the theme of the play. A total number of 40 performances are carried out in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education and UNRWA. The main target group of this project is local community represented by all of its categories with a special focus on children, young people and teachers.


Kids 4 Kids:

On the other hand, Kids 4 Kids (K4K) is a project which produces drama plays with groups of school students, which are performed for their peers from other schools in the district. The themes of the plays come from what is on the minds of the participating players. Sometimes, participants and YT’s artistic team use an existing theatre text and sometimes the young actors in the team improvise the play. The work results in an expression of young people working together on a common idea. The program offers students an activity outside school hours but which is still connected to school life. During the project, students have the chance to work together on a creative project and then to share it with their friends, colleagues, and families. YT’s actors and drama teachers in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education and UNRWA carry out the program. The main target group of this project are children and young people between the ages of 12 -18. Other target groups (secondary target groups) are the friends, parents, family members, and teachers of these kids.


Drama Workshops

Drama Workshops were given to children in groups of 15-20, aged 10-14. These workshops consist of 15 sessions of 3 hours each and take place on 5 consecutive days over 3 weeks. This gives children the time for concentration, commitment, and development of their ideas. No two workshops are ever the same as the theme of each workshop comes from what is on the minds of the participating children. At the end of each workshop, a presentation is given for family members, friends, and the school from which the children come. As a rule, drama workshop leaders come from the pool of YT actors and drama-teachers. In 2011, YT conducted three drama workshops in cooperation with the Educational directorate of Hebron City (Palestinian Ministry of Education). Three schools at Hebron City have been targeted. 45 school students (males/14 years old) participated in the drama workshop. At the end of each workshop, a short sketch was presented to their peers and teachers. 


Yes 4 Youth

Yes 4 Youth offers secondary training to university graduates and young professionals of 19-24 years old in the social and educational sectors who are working with children. The training provides trainees with a range of theater-based tools and games that are designed to help them develop their own creative styles and improve their work with the children in Hebron In this way, Yes 4 Youth fosters theater in general as a medium of cultural expression and identity building. In addition, Yes 4 Youth encourages the beneficial use of games and drama in any profession that caters to children. Finally, Yes 4 Youth seeks to equip young professionals of Hebron with a range of soft skills and enables young adults to participate actively in shaping their communities. In a period of six months, the “Yes 4 Youth” trains 15 youths in the Hebron district in basic techniques from the fields of theater, drama, storytelling, theatre games and more.

This project is funded by World Peace Service (WFD).


Yes 4 Future


Yes 4 Future is a capacity building program that targets school teachers and social workers that directly communicate with our future hope, children in Hebron Governorate. The program has been developed by Yes Theatre in partnership with Peace Builders (Japan) Through this program, both Yes Theatre and Peace Builders offer a series of workshops that serve the purpose of the program which is to train teachers and social workers on using tools that help children and youth in the healthy expression of their feelings away from any psychological stress. In this program participants are encouraged to obtain useful skills and knowledge of drama therapy.

The workshops cover self-expressions, drama therapy through games and exercises’, followed by extra lectures on childcare and children rights. Yes Theatre professional artistic staff and professional trainers will give vital workshops and practical suggestions obtained from their experience working with children, After workshops, participants are expected to have an opportunity to utilize what they have learned. At the end of the program, participants will receive a certificate signed by Yes Theatre indicating the credit hours that they have had.


Puppets 4 Kids



Puppets 4 Kids is unique project in that it gathers the energy and commitment of a group of partner organizations in Hebron Governorate to foster the professional dialogue dynamics necessary for improving the psychosocial well being of Palestinian children and youth through the medium of puppet theatre. This will be achieved through an array of activities aimed at promoting healthy psychosocial development, provide additional tools to community workers, and support early learning and provide much needed recreational activities to low-income families. The main target groups of these activities are children and youth (male and female), parents, social workers, teachers and the project partners; the Palestinian Ministry of Education, UNRWA and CBOs active in the cultural and recreational fields. The proposed project targets all the geographic areas within Hebron Governorate. The final beneficiaries of this project include the public at large, children and youth (males and females ages 6-45), public institutions and CBOs.


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