The Swing

Directed by Jackie Lubeck



About The Play:

Three …neighbors…in a courtyard… in a city… in Palestine… today…live a life-time…

As a result for the continuous cooperation between Yes Theatre (YT) and Theatre Day Productions; A play tour for the “Swing” was decided by the both parties. This decision has been in order to perform this valuable production one for school students at Hebron Governorate and to consolidate the partnership between the two organizations.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, playing with rules, making mistakes, and having fun. “The Swing” began as an experiment! And all those who made it invented, grew, took risks, played with rules, made mistakes, and had lots and lots of fun! The actors (Ihab, Raed, and Mohammad) began working in January 2007 following an intensive learning trip to Poland. Their task was to make scenes on the idea of neighbours who live in political turmoil. We wanted a universal theme, something people in other countries would understand, something we – as Palestinians – could share – with other cultures. The first part of the experiment resulted in an anger play! Of course we are angry! But we are also artists…and art gives you the freedom to look at an idea in a million ways. So we continued with our experiment. We tried again. We kept looking. It wasn’t easy. But because we allowed ourselves to experiment, to play, to look for something new, we found a new idea for our neighbours. “The Swing” looks at the life –time of 3 people. Wouldn’t it be nice to experiment a little… to make a play of your own life-time? Think about it!


About the Actors

The 3 characters in “The Swing” – who grow old before the eyes of TDP’s artistic staff – are played by actors, drama-teachers, and directors of Yes Theatre in Hebron. They have made many plays that some of you have probably seen: “something Ordinary”, “Majnon”, “The Walking Boy” “Im Abed & Her Children”, “The Other Half”, “The Utopians” and others. They have directed plays with teenagers like “24 Hours of Dreams and Awakening”, “The Same Problem”, “The Face”, “Mothers of Daughters”, “Bed #12”, and others. Ihab, Mohammad, and Raed have given Hebron youth hundreds of hours of drama workshops over the years. They have worked with teachers in schools. They have also performed outside Palestine in several countries including Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands. Beginning in 2008, Ihab, Mohammad, and Raed created a new organization in Hebron called Yes Theatre. This new work and workshops to youth, teachers, and the general public of the Hebron region and throughout Palestine.

The Same Problem

Directed by Ihab Zahda



About the play:

Three neighbors and a huge pile of garbage. It is their own garbage, the garbage that Khaled, Qasim and Majd from building No. 13 have accumulated in front of their doors over the past years.  Amid the stench and the flies of their own private garbage dump, Khaled’s asthma and various allergies grow increasingly unbearable (for all!) and Majd is woken up by the constant fighting of Qasim and Khaled over where to throw the next bag of garbage.


Clearly, a solution is needed! Someone needs to come and clear up the mess, and the neighbors have countless ideas of just who might be the right man for the job. When one potential problem-solver is brought in after the other, however, the situation escalates as the garbage continues to grow…



The Yes Theatre’s latest original production “The Same Problem” is a moving play that confidently mixes folk culture and current affairs with a refreshing dose of humor and action. 


Cast and Credits –

Director/Playwright: Ihab Zahdeh

Khaled: Muhammed Titi

Majd: Ossama Jabri

Qasim: Raed Shyoukhi

Problem-Solvers: Ihab Zahdeh

Light/Sound: Hamam Amero

Stage-Design: the Team

Administrative Manager: Mohammad Issa

In co-operation with: Palestinian Ministry of Education and High Education, Educational Directorate (Hebron, North & South).

Photographs by Fredo Bahd


Great Thanks for:

Palestinian Ministry of Education

Hebron Education Directorates (Middle, South and North)

Abdulrazzak Abu Maizer

Samer Sha'rawi and Khaldon Nassar / Hurriyah Radio

Mr. Hijazi Alshyoukhi

Isra' Shabaneh

Sevtap Ozkotlo

Raja'I Fannon




Directed by Ihab Zahda



About The Play:

 The shelling has stopped, a father is buried under the ruins of his house, a son attempts to free him from the ruble. Standing amid the ruins, Saber doesn’t dare tell his entrapped father that the entire neighborhood is destroyed. Unseeing, his father continues to make plans for the future and tirelessly reminds his son of the small gestures that make for a loving, functioning community. But Saber’s ability to see the ruins of this same community has enclosed his past and future under a cloak of pain.

Based on Fernando Arrabàl’s and Picasso’s Guernica, the play “Untitled” is about war, hopelessness, and the healing power of love and community. After going through his struggle with Saber, we ask you, our audience, to choose a befitting title for the play. 


Directed by Mohammad Titi




About the Play






Khil Tayha

Directed by Ihab Zahda



About the play

Khil Tayha” is a Middle Eastern story from the Syrian Desert. The events in the play reflect the traditions in the Syrian Desert, villages, and cities. Tayha goes to her neighbor’s house to borrow a comb for her mother. On her way, a storm blows up. Tayha gets lost. All her family members die in the storm.A horseman called “Howaide” finds Tayha and raises her as his daughter. Tayha grows up and when she reaches her twenties, Howaide dies. The inheritance of Howaide goes to Tayha. She falls in love with “Hozan”, the man whom she hires to harvest the wheat and they get married. When Tayha is one-month pregnant, Hozan gets killed by a man from Al Hamad tribe. Tayha gives birth to a girl called “Khil”. When Khil is born, the midwife of the village “Qodreya” has a prophecy that Khil will die once she reaches the age of thirty. The journey of Khil begins taking us from one place to another. Let us see what will happen with Khil on the night she becomes thirty. 


Cast and Credits

Director:Ihab Zahda

Playwright:Adnan Al Odeh

Actors /Actresses:

Reem Talhami

Raed Shyoukhi

Mohammed Titi

Yasmeen Hammar

Haneen Tarabeyeh


Music: Saed Murad

Costumes:Hamada Atallah

Choreography:Michaela Miranda

Technician:Hamam Amro

Technical Consultant:Muath Jubeh

Administrative Manager:Mohammed Issa



Many Thanks to:

·        The Ministry of Education

·        The Directorates of Education/ north and south

·        Everyone who contributed to the success of this play







Three in One

Directed by Ihab Zahda


3 in 1is an outcome of Play4kids project. This project gives people in Hebron the opportunity to enjoy theatre. It also sheds the light on problems relevant to the Palestinian society. Play4kids raises questions about the society. By doing so, people will be inspired to think about solutions to their problems. Furthermore, Yes Theatre works on other projects targeting the youth such as Yes4Future and Yes4Youth. These projects help the youth develop their communication skills. Most of Yes Theatre activities are carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, UNRWA, and other local organizations

3 in 1is a unique play in which the actors talk about their experiences. Raed, Mohammad, and Ihab do not act in this play. They simply depict some of the experiences that they have been through as actors. They shed the light on some of the challenges that they faced as members of a society that does not appreciate the importance of theatre. Some people in the society believe that acting is a taboo and others think that it is something temporary and one day will disappear.

This is what they think, what about you?


Cast and Credits

The text is based on actors’ improvisations


 Ihab Zahda


Raed Shyoukhi, Mohammad Titi, and Ihab Zahda


 Michaela Miranda

Artistic Consultant

 Nabil Al Raee


Hammam Amro

Administrative Manager

 Mohammad Issa


Many Thanks to

-         The  Palestinians Ministry of Education

-         The Directorate of Education in Hebron

In The Place

Directed by Ihab Zahda



About The Play:

Based on Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett

When a man does all that is possible to do and when his thinking stops looking for innovativeness, then he is left with only one thing; What happens during the period of waiting makes the difference in our lives.

Waiting might be killing and so the result is no action, no achievement, and even no history, or it might create ingenuity, and perseverance, and eventually lead to change. Through this change, it will be possible for us to shift from badness to goodness and to move from today to tomorrow, hoping and believing that what lies ahead is always the best  get to come.

Dear Audience, Students, Teachers and educators,

Yes Theatre staff have taken  the responsibility to work on raising people's awareness towards the importance of drama and theater. Yt also aims at supporting and educating all direct and indirect beneficiaries. All this is done in order to order to help create a generation that will be able to build and develop a better future.

Abu Ra'ad

Directed by Edward Moallem



About the play

Sarah is a 16 years old girl whose mother died while giving birth to her.

 Naifa, her step-mother, is a mean woman who always tries to control life in the house according to her interests.

Abu Al Raad is Sarah’s father. He was a taxi driver. He has become permanently paralyzed as a result of a bullet received in his back during a family dispute.  

After this incident, Al Raad family’s life has changed dramatically. Sarah has become responsible for her family. Consequently, her school grades worsen and she finally drops out of school. One day, she finds herself in a difficult situation at work. Her step-mother takes advantage of this debacle to force her into marriage.

What are the reasons behind Sarah’s dropping out of school?

How can we help Sarah to go back to school?

Are there any laws to help students to continue their schooling?

Questions that need answers….

In Abu Al Raad play we are invited to help Sarah to search for solutions for the problems which have turned her life upside down.

Credits and Cast

Text written by the cast

Director- Edward Moallem

Actors -

Raed Shyoukhi- The Father

Muhammed Titi – Teacher / Head of the tailor shop

Ihab Zahdeh - The Joker

First-time Actresses:

Boshra Abu Saimeh - Sarah

Boshra Al Atrash- The Stepmother /Student Salwa / a worker in the tailor shop

Nagham Al Sharif – Student Farah / a worker in the tailor shop


Technician- Hammam Amro

Costumes and Music Designer - Edward Moallem

Administrative Manager - Mohammad Issa

Administrative Assistant and Coordinator - Hala Tamimi

Documentary video -  Boshra Abu Saimeh

 Translation -  Hala Tamimi

Production - Yes Theatre-2011


  • This play was produced in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Education Directorates in Hebron area.

  • Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this production

  • Special thanks from Yes Theatre to the parents of the Actresses 


Directed by Mohammed Titi




About the Play

The Devil always tampers with people’s minds. The Devil spreads corruption and tricks people into making sins. Sahar is an innocent girl who considers her best friend’s brother as her own brother. Is she to be blamed for doing so? Who is the one responsible for destroying her dreams and stealing her innocence?

What is Theatre of the Oppressed?

Theatre of the Oppressed is a theoretical framework and a set of techniques developed by the Brazilian director, artist and activist, Augusto Boal. It highlights stories about oppression and about social, political, and economic injustices. Theatre of the Oppressed emphasizes the dialogue and interaction between the audience and the actors/actresses who present cases of oppression. It engages people in discovery, critical reflection and dialogue and the process of liberation.


Cast and Credits

Director: Mohammed Titi

Assistant Director: Ihab Zahda

Playwright: Raed Shyoukhi


Cast (Yes4Youth Graduates)

Bushra Al Atrash

Bushra Abu Saimeh

Khalil Nassar

Diana Sweite


with the participation of

Raed Shyoukhi     Uncle

Ihab Zahda          Joker


Technician   Hammam Amro

Production Manager     Mohammed Issa

Admin.  Assistant           Saja Al Shami

Brochure Design            Shadi Abu Ajmaieh, PIXEL


Yes4Youth Graduates

Bushra Al Atrash is from Dura and has a Bachelor's Degree in Arabic Language from Hebron University. She completed Yes4Youth training program in 2010. She played in Abu Raad. This  is her second acting experience.


Bushra Abu Saimeh is from Halhul and has a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from Palestine Polytechnic University. She completed Yes4Youth training program in 2010. She played in Abu Raad. This is her second acting experience.


Khalil Nassar is from Al Fawwar camp and has a Diploma in Electricity from Qalandia Vocational Training College. He completed Yes4Youth training program in 2011. This is his first acting experience with Yes Theatre.


Diana Sweite is from Dura and has a Bachelor's Degree in Science from Al-Quds Open University. She completed Yes4Youth training program in 2010. This is her first acting experience with Yes Theatre.


This work has been created in cooperation with

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education

The Directorates of Education in Hebron

UNRWA Education Office in Hebron


Special thanks to

Edward Muallem

&  All  who contributed to the success of this work


Directed by Raed Shyoukhi



About the Play:

“Do not consider my dancing among you as happiness … because slaughtered birds dance out of pain”

“Sameh” is a Palestinian guy just like many others. He has dreams, ambitions, aspirations, hopes, passion, and a lot of worries. His destiny was to be born for a patriarchal family in which the father controls everything.

What was he supposed to do in order to avoid the conclusion he reached? And what can he do to change his life to a better one?

Altogether, let us watch this play which is based on theatre of the oppressed technique, after which we will have a discussion.



Director: Raed Al-Shyoukhi

Director Assistant: Muhammad  Titi

Artistic Advisors:  Rui Frati and Raphaël Fournier  (Théâtre de l'Opprimé - France)

Technical Officer: Hammam Amro

Administrative Manager: Mohammad Issa

Translation:  Yara Ramadan

Actors: Sameh Al- Amla, Ahmed Al- Khamaysah, Muayyad Odeh, Ayman al-Amour


In cooperation with:

The Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Directorates of Education - Hebron

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of this work.




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