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About Us

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Yes Theatre for Communication among Youth (YT) is a Palestinian non-governmental organization that was established in 2008. Yes Theatre believes that theatre and drama can positively influence the children and youth to create a change in their society. Therefore, it works to inspire Palestinian children and youth in general and those in Hebron in particular to try out and to develop creative and constructive reactions to the challenges in their daily lives.


Yes Theatre works in the field of youth theatre and drama education in the Palestinian Territory. The founding members of YT have 16 years of experience of implementing drama and theatre projects and programs with youth inside and outside schools, in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education, UNRWA and with other original bodies in Hebron. At that time, YT was, and is still, the only organization working exclusively for children and young people using theatre and drama as tools of expression, relief, social change and development.


YT works in harmony with the educational system and youth-oriented organizations so that together both the formal and informal education circles will be improved. Towards this same aim, YT also helps to optimize the existing potential of education workers to create jobs in the field of drama and drama-education. 


The philosophy of YT regarding drama and theatre work is that, by its nature, theatre and drama require teamwork, commitment, spontaneity, creativity, and openness to new ideas. Therefore, drama and theatre work are strong cultural tools for the development of the basic conditions for a peaceful environment in Palestine and for the respect of human rights.


Through its performances inside and outside Palestine, YT sheds the light on the social problems in Palestinian society. YT works to contribute to empower the rights holders to know about, and claim their rights. Also, the main mandate of YT is to contribute effectively to social change and development through the efficient use of drama and theatre.  Yes Theatre main tools are artistic performances specifically speaking to issues relevant to the Palestinian society, drama workshops, and theatre performances, capacity building for teachers in theatre based techniques, advocacy plays and activities of cultural exchange. It annually reaches as audience of 18,000 school students and hundreds of public audience. The core programs of YT are Play4Kids, Kids4Kids, Yes4Youth, Yes4Future, Puppetry and Storyteller.

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